Shit just got real: Courtney’s memoir has a release date on Amazon for December 15. 400 pages and 16 photo pages. 153 x 234 mm.

Courtney Love - My Story


Alternatively criticized and vilified, embraced and idolized, Courtney Love has been polarizing opinion from the moment she stormed her way onto the music scene over twenty years ago. Yet everything we know about her has come from the media or her music; she has never before shared the whole story of her life. From her rocky relationship with her hippy parents and her days spent stripping to make ends meet to the truth behind her drug abuse and recovery, this is a riveting story, too crazy not to be true.

Beginning in the San Francisco counter-culture, maturing within the world of punk and grunge in the 80s and 90s, the book reveals an artist at the epicentre of alternative culture. Nothing is off limits, not her relationship with Billy Corgan and Trent Reznor, nor her engagement to Ed Norton, and for the first time her marriage to Kurt Cobain will be revealed as the tragic romance it really was.

While she doesn’t shy away from tales of excess, Courtney also goes deeper, offering unique insights into the modern rock culture she helped shape, creating an unforgettable portrait of an outspoken, creatively dangerous, undeniably entertaining artist and woman.

Also on a couple more sites.

Pan Macmillan | Amazon | iTunes

No mention of Harper Collins / William Morrow. Maybe the UK / Aus are getting it first. Weird.

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