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Flashback Friday: Courtney Love on the set of Julie Johnson, 2001.

Flashback Friday: Courtney Love on the set of Julie Johnson, 2001.

I’ve got quite a Blurred and Confused vision of My life chronology, so… you know, I generally tend to divide it in two main Eras: Before I got crazy and After I got crazy.
—Courtney Love | ("D" magazine Interview)

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Hole performing “Plump” in France, 1995.

Courtney described it as, ‘We went on a date, but we did not make out.’ That’s what I can say. But it was fucking beautiful to be in the same room with them for the first time in eons. That was special. It was truly beautiful, and there was a group hug. That’s as far as it’s gone. Now I’m back to being a mother and having a big old factory [art space].
Melissa Auf der Maur on the status of the Hole reunion

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Courtney Love wearing a “Paris for President” t-shirt around L.A., 2004

(also liking the “She’s smarter than Bush” sign) 

Remember when Courtney called every user on her official messageboard (Kittyradio Soapbox) ‘Paris Hilton obsessed newbies’ and then wore this shirt a short time later? Bless.

Holy airbrush, Batman.

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Hole & Courtney on MTV’s House of Style in 1999.
"Wrapped and Dressed" Episode 68

may 2, 2004

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Retard Girl - live @ Club Lingerie, 1990

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Courtney Love and Charisma Carpenter (x)

Courtney Love and Charisma Carpenter (x)

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I remember meeting Courtney Love for the first time. We met at a restaurant in downtown LA. We were sitting there at a table when a woman came up and asked “Are you Courtney Love?”… in typical fashion, Courtney looked over her shoulder, removed the cigarette from her red-stained lips and replied, “No.”… The woman stated she looked a lot like Courtney Love, to which Courtney said, “geez, what a fucking compliment” and then proceeded to put out her cigarette on the white table cloth.
—Nick Wise (author of Courtney Love’s biography released in 1995)

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Courtney photographed by Anton Corbijn, 1995.

Courtney photographed by Anton Corbijn, 1995.

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